Dear our customers,

We hereby announce that The MATEX brand
property entirely belongs to our company's
assets in Japan and we are genuine brand holder.

Nevertheless, we are informed through our
overseas customers that counterfeit (duplicated)
Matex is prevailing in several styles with exact
stamping or similarity.
And many innocent end-users are getting confusion
and suffered from inferior quality.
Therefore, we would like to give a clear guidance
that our company does not have any relation at all
with such Matex brand supplied through un-known
& un-authorized factories/exporters in any overseas
country (except Malaysia) .

Please take note and try to get our Japan Origin
Matex only which is being manufactured by our
full attention and quality control.

Thank you for your cooperation and everlasting

Sincerely yours,

Matoba President

※Our genuine R38 is stamped our URL (
and shape is beautiful.
Genuine roller is 200 times durable compared to fake roller.